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September 02, 2005
Read 'Em And....

Still more Hurricane Katrina coverage, yes. Like the news that help is coming from around the world. And it's coming, not to the Bush Administration, but to the citizens of Louisiana and Mississippi. I really do believe that.

Don't miss this one (via Cursor):

After the Army Corps of Engineers spent three days lamenting "the difficulty of gaining access," reports the Washington Post, a local contractor "drove to the mouth" of the 17th Street Canal and "began driving steel slabs into the breach."

Look at this report of a huge oil spill on the Mississippi River.

I find it painful to read this but I don't donate to the Salvation Army or any other religious organization that practices bigotry. It's not that I think they'd refuse someone aid because he or she was homosexual, but I send my money to more liberal organizations. If you're particular about the charities you use, you can always check the Charity Navigator. For instance, John McKay warns you to be wary of who you give your hurricane relief funds to. If you pick your charity from the government list...your dough could wind up in Pat Robertsons' pocket.

A Shoot To Kill order in New Orleans is not the way to handle this situation. Yes, the guys pictured stole a mail truck. Is there anyone in charge who has any concept whatsoever of what these people are going through?

Editor & Publisher has a great editorial round-up. A particularly nice juxtaposition of Bush talking about...wait for it...oil! As the leaders of the hard-hit areas beg for food, water, and police protection. Looks like Bush's "legacy" has been determined.

Worst. President. In. History. Bar none.

I failed three times to construct a post pointing out that the post-hurricane fiasco down south is the direct result of the Right's flawed model of government, and then I read Kevin Drum and remembered all over again why I keep Political Animal near the top of my blog reading list.

And, in another case of someone else saying what I couldn't articulate, let me applaud E. J. Dionne for explaining why a time of disaster is exactly the time to bring up politics.

Molly Ivins makes the same point.

Normon Solomon is even angrier.

From Republic of T, FEMA, Katrina, and Bush

Short, and to the point. Or, on the same theme, this one.

Or read Steve Clemons on where the money that should have repaired New Orleans' levees went.

Make no mistake, folks. Nature made the hurricane. The Bush Administration made the disaster.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

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I couldn't find an email address for you, so I had to use the comments.... my blog URL has changed to http://labkat.blogspot.com

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Don't know what happened to the e-mail address on the site, but I've added it again. (And I got your site change. Sorry!)

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