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September 07, 2005
Hurricane Fallout

Welcome to Denver! Now, get behind the fence.

Rescue 100 civilians, get a reprimand.

Okay, just how low can the Bush Administration go? Could they get lower than this? Preying on disaster victims to provide cannon fodder for the slaughter in Iraq.

The world is watching what happens in New Orleans and they see clearly where to point the finger.

And, as usual, the Bush Administration is more interested in spinning the story than in telling the truth.

I have noticed, with some amazement, how our national media continues to yap at the Administration's heels. I spend my odd moments wondering what in the heck happened to them...and in wondering if there's any, single, one of them who now regrets the incomplete and misleading pre-election coverage of the presidential candidates...either last November, or four years before.

Let's hope this is true. The national news media needs to lay aside their ADD and keep the spotlight squarely on this story. (Although it seems pretty clear that at least 38% of the people (69% of Republicans) in this country haven't followed the story closely enough to even understand what's going on.)

It's good to see David Brock kick WaPo in the teeth for blandly publishing an easily debunked lie attributed to an "anonymous" source. If anyone in the Bush Administration says, "hello" it's attributed to an "anonymous source." This is out of control.

And again with Bush's "legacy." Under water.

From The Onion:

Louisiana National Guard Offers Help By Phone From Iraq

Government Relief Workers Mosey In To Help

With the headline: Area Man Drives Food There His Goddamned Self

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