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September 09, 2005
Still Katrina Season

Dr. Fallon has a couple of clips from stories that illustrate the racism in our national media. Black "looters." White "finders." I think it's time and past time that we enrolled the national media in the lists of those being held accountable for misdeeds and omissions.

And Raw Story (via Neiwert) has another racist (or at least "classist") story.

Via, via, via...who knows how I got there, but I finally found the skinny behind Disaster Brown's parting-of-the-ways with the Arabian Horse Association. And, for those of us like myself who have poor memories, a refresher on how FEMA's performance was under fire (couldn't resist) in 2003, when California was burning.

And, in case you're still feeling kindly inclined toward Disaster Brown, take a look at this ThinkProgress entry.

Starting to get the picture?

And let's all remember that Disaster Brown slid into FEMA on the strength of his friendship with a guy named Joe Allbaugh, then-head of FEMA and a man with a long political history with Bush.

And now, let's contemplate the fact that Allbaugh's client, Shaw Group, just snagged a nifty $100,000,000 rebuilding contract for post-Katrina damage. (Via Josh Marshall)

The. Mind. Boggles. "Incestuous nepotism" doesn't even begin to describe these people and the inbreeding is producing some monstrous results.

Degeneration of the (presumed) intellect is just the start of it. We should have known (well, some of us said it) that when a man like Bush saw himself as "compassionate" that there was something seriously wrong in someone's brain.

If you read this and you're not torn between rage and tears....

I say we impeach Bush. And get Cheney while we're at it, and the rest of the cabal.

Grounds? They murdered Aaron's mother.

They murdered her and others with indifference, with neglect, with misplaced priorities, and with class contempt. They took the "national" guard and set them to killing people in another nation. They took the disaster relief agency and turned it into a refuge for out-of-work political operatives and campaign workers.

Let's ride Disaster Brown out of town (New Orleans and DC) on a rail, strip him of his license to practice law, and have a judge ban him from making money on his criminal, negligent stupidity.

We need people with brains and experience to prevent this kind of thing. And, not incidentally, to save lives and insure that the people neglected, displaced, and dissed, will eventually be able to return home.

Dead in New Orleans.

Eugene Robinson's No Longer Invisible is today's Must-Read.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:20 PM


Thanks for the mention, Anne. Keep the faith and keep up your great work.

Posted by: Dr. Fallon at September 12, 2005 06:23 AM