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September 14, 2005
What Else?

150. that's the estimated body count from the latest round of violence in Iraq.

For those interested, Reuters is offering us a timeline of some of the major bomb attacks In Iraq since we gave them democracy and freedom.

Hunger strikers at Gitmo are getting force-fed.

To borrow from an old joke, I wouldn't want to have his nerve in my tooth. George Bush? Asking the world to have "compassion" for the "needy"? What planet is his brain from?

If the people in the U.K. have any sense, they'll hear Davis claiming "conservative compassion" and fail to vote for him by the millions.

In related news, a story this morning on NPR revealed that San Francisco is rethinking their disaster plan. They're retooling against the expectation that it will take the government 72 hours to get it's thumb out of Bush's ahem and get moving with some assistance, in the event of a major earthquake. They're building a new strategy based on the idea that if you have a disaster, the feds really don't give a shit.

Cluster bombs. They're supposed to be banned (well, yes, we use them, but we're us) but they're for sale at London's bombs n'bullets fair.

Land mines? They're illegal, so the Bush Administration is doing what they do best. They're renaming the new ones.

What the heck is this all about? Who is the Colonial Pipeline Company and why did they get precedent over the power needs of hospitals in the hurricane zone? Or was it, as it seems from reading the article, just an attempt to minimize the bad PR fallout by trying to keep gasoline flowing to the heavily populated northeast? I guess a few dead poor people isn't too high a price to pay for that.

And, by the way, it looks like the opinions are coming down...and they are...yes. Yes, Bolton has, indeed, been instrumental in derailing meaningful reform at the U.N.

Benjamin calls him Hurricane Bolton.

That's about all I can take at the moment.

(But, hey! Jeff Alworth is back and blogging. Pop on over and tell him howdy.)

(Any my apologies to those of you I haven't been responding to in the comments section. There's never enough time....)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:35 AM


Re: San Francisco. They're not idiots. They saw who/what/where the feds cared about, and it wasn't the people of NOLA. They (SF) know they're not exactly a popular demographic for the current administration, so it seems pretty sensible that they'd be getting their own plan together.

Posted by: Dail at September 14, 2005 09:10 PM