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September 28, 2005
Weather and War

NOAA has posted a whole lot of arial photographs of the Gulf Coast, in the wake of the two hurricanes. You can see photos here and here.

When they were evacuating New Orleans...what happened to the prisoners?

For what it's worth, I remember reading about the so-called "war porn" or "death porn" site several months ago. I think I elected not to blog about it because I couldn't decide whether the crassness of the site existing, the willingness of the soldiers to trade gory pictures for porn, or the emotional damage being displayed by the soldiers should be my first concern. So. read and answer.


Nine dead, 28 injured in suicide attack in Afghan capital (You remember Afghanistan, right? The place that actually had terrorists?)

Reuters says US troops obstruct reporting of Iraq (Apparently the number of journalists getting killed by USofA troops is considered, by the press, to be a tad discouraging.)

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