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September 29, 2005

Another one bites the dust. Yes, another agency head, described as being "at odds" with the Bush Administration, is 'retiring'. I'm glad.

Mostly because this guy's support of those vigilante groups weirds me out. Yes, I know he doesn't have the money or the staff to do the job as a government agency, but a government-endorsed mob of loonies is not the answer.

This morning, on NPR, I heard a story about how woefully underfunded not only FEMA, but so-called Homeland Security is and has been under the Bush Administration's watch. The story included the interesting information that of the 45 FEMA Procurement Officers, only one can produce paperwork to prove they're qualified for the job. And that an audit of FEMA last year already produced the information that their procurement was in a mess.

Also, they interviewed Brown who said it's not the government's responsibility to provide ice during an emergency to "keep my hamburger cold in my freezer." No mention, annoyingly enough, of whether or not anyone sat him down and talked to him about the things FEMA actually uses ice for. Like keeping medicine useable. Or to, forgive me, preserve bodies.

You should listen to NPR, you know.

So...what's next?

It's not that I don't want to blog. I do, and I know that there's more and more stuff we should all be talking about (and figuring out how to fix) every, single day. The problem is, I just find myself standing here, watching the country crashing down around my ears and wondering what in the hell happened to the United States of America I grew up in.

Gas prices are headed for a rumored $4/gallon while oil companies have reaped obscene, ever-increasing profits under the Bush Administration's rule.

Unemployment keeps climbing, as do corporate profits and revelations of massive corporate fraud.

Poverty levels are up. Taxes for multi-millionaires are down.

Home prices are spiraling out of control. New mortgage loans are up and keeping pace with them, mortgage defaults are hitting record highs.

The body count keeps growing, at home and abroad.

Afghanistan is falling aback into the hands of the drug-lords and warlords. Iraq is headed for civil war, no matter how you try to pretend otherwise.

Iran is spitting nuclear threats in our eyes and North Korea is...well, who knows what they're doing, now that we've held them up and labeled their already paranoid leader as "evil" to the world?

Prisoners are starving themselves to death in Guantanamo and no one seems to care. Continuing stories of organized, and sanctioned, prisoner abuse across Iraq don't even hit the national media's radar any more. Lynndie England gets three years and the people in charge get promoted and protected.

And I keep looking Left and wondering where in the hell the Democratic Party went, why it doesn't seem to have any leaders or spokespeople. And I wonder why, the more things fall down around the Bush Administration's ears, the more the Democrats seem to be trying to bolster them up?

This used to be a country that produced leaders and people with vision and talent.

Now we're propping up crash test dummies dressed in costumes and pretending they serve the same function.

Depression: Anger without the enthusiasm

Posted by AnneZook at 07:43 AM