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October 05, 2005
Ask the Experts

Maybe it's not so much that Bush is a rabid war-monger as that he ca'tn resist any opportunity to play with his toy soldiers? I mean, why else would he want to bring in the military in the case of an avian (bird) flu outbreak?

Also? Is he under the impression that we have an unlimited number of soldiers? Because I'm pretty sure that Katrina amply illustrated otherwise, since we're now using the National Guard as 'soldiers'.

And while we're talking soldiers, why isn't the media making a bigger deal out of the Bush Administration's increasingly frantic attempts to protect what they think of as their right to torture people?

As long as we're talking playing 'soldiers', what was Meirs role in covering up Bush's pathetic National Guard record, anyhow?

(I know I haven't blogged Meirs' nomination to the Supreme Court but there is a limit, even for me, to the number of things I feel comfortable ranting about from a position of extreme ignorance. From my perspective, being a crony of Bush's is a no-win strike against her, but I'll let the experts battle it out.)

(I'm also waiting for the experts to explain what looks like a right-wing mutiny. They want to pay for hurricane relief by delaying the prescription drug benefit, cutting highway spending, cutting student loan funding, and suchlike? Has it occurred to none of these lunatics that tax cuts for rich people would be a good target for elimination? Or even withdrawing from our unprovoked and unwinnable invasion of Iraq? I await "expert" analysis.)

Looks like the "experts" at the DoD can't really tell if they're winning or losing that "War on Terror" either. They're advertising to find someone who can tell them.


I think maybe it would be a good idea to not imprison journalists but then I'm not desperately trying to protect my right to wage a dishonest and unpopular invasion of another country.

I'm assuming you've all read and absorbed the debunking of the "oil for food" so-called scandal?

For those interested, an update on the infamous "'Love In Action" nutcases in Tennessee.

Contemplate some suggestions for the USofA national media.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:50 AM