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October 07, 2005

The next time you super-size your fries, or order a dessert you aren't really hungry for, remember this All the money you spend on food you don't need, or don't eat, in a year could feed a lot of hungry people around the world.

I don't approve of this. Food should be sold in markets as close to the area of production as possible.

Rove is testifying in the Plame investigation? What are They up to now?

It's back...the idea that the Pentagon could get permission to spy on us.

Allow me to repeat myself. A corporation is not a person and should not be treated as one.

Lookit that. The Senate found its spine. Torture is naughty and they've finally decided to just say so.

Al Gore speaks.

On the eve of the nation's decision to invade Iraq, our longest serving senator, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, stood on the Senate floor asked: "Why is this chamber empty? Why are these halls silent?" The decision that was then being considered by the Senate with virtually no meaningful debate turned out to be a fateful one.
Those of us who have served in the Senate and watched it change over time, could volunteer an answer to Senator Byrd's two questions: the Senate was silent on the eve of war because Senators don't feel that what they say on the floor of the Senate really matters that much any more. And the chamber was empty because the Senators were somewhere else: they were in fundraisers collecting money from special interests in order to buy 30-second TV commercials for their next re-election campaign.

I always liked that man.

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