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October 07, 2005

I keep swearing I'm going to give it up. And yet, I keep doing it. Turning on NPR. Scanning the news headlines, then searching the international portion of the world wide web to find the rest of the story. Brooding over the sins committed by those who have power but no sense. Fighting a desperate desire to grab people passing by on the streets and make them see what's happening.

Police have found 22 bodies in Iraq.

And 6 Marines died in roadside bombings.

Senate Approves $50B More For Wars. Another fifty billion dollars. That's a headline to strike terror into the heart...of the taxpayer. Regardless of the inclusion of a "torture is wrong" amendment.

Our closest, most significant ally still loves us. They're not finding the Bush Administration and the neocons to be frustratingly short-sighted and resistant to seeing the truth or anything like that.

It's not always possible to tell if you're just reading the USofA media. Is Iran pushing toward becoming a nuclear power, or is it another round of the Iraq Frame Game?

Bush, of course, thinks killing people is the solution to...well...killing people. (And in another take on the speech, the LATimes explains that telling soldiers losing a war that they're going to stay there and die until you say otherwise is "strong, principled leadership in BushWorld.

Some soldiers are battling a drug-resistant bug in Iraq.

A bacterial infection rarely seen in U.S. hospitals since the end of the Vietnam War is making a comeback -- and this time it's proving increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatment, researchers say.

Nope. Iraq is nothing like Vietnam. Especially not for the soldiers.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:37 AM