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October 08, 2005
Friday's Trash

Not to lose sight of the devastating earthquake, but here's a quick look at a few of the items thrown out in the trash yesterday.

Largest U.S. Auto Supplier Files For Bankruptcy.

Delphi Corp., the largest U.S. auto supplier, filed for bankruptcy Saturday, sending shock waves through the nation's auto industry, which already is weakened by high labor costs and falling market share.

Flanigan Withdraws as Nominee for Deputy Attorney General

The Bush administration's choice for deputy attorney general has withdrawn his nomination amid mounting questions from Senate Democrats over his dealings with indicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff and over his role in shaping controversial interrogation policies.

In Raucous House Vote, G.O.P. Oil Refinery Bill Squeaks By

It took more than 40 raucous minutes of pleading and cajoling, bargaining and begging on Friday. But House Republican leaders managed to squeeze through an oil refinery bill in a tumultuous floor vote that severely tested a leadership team rocked by the indictment of Representative Tom DeLay, Republican of Texas.

After teetering on the verge of an embarrassing defeat, desperate party leaders managed to persuade enough of their members to switch positions to win narrow 212-to-210 approval of a measure that its backers said would expedite refinery construction and crack down on price gouging.

Subway threat originated in Iraq

The threat to New York's subway system originated in Iraq and involved the use of explosives hidden in bags or baby strollers, officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.
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