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October 13, 2005
More From Blogs

I liked Lorelei Kelly's entry titled, "Dale Carnegie Yes!: Dr. Strangelove No!"

I think it's worth pointing out that this country has a history of supporting terrorists, torturers, and autocrats, all in the name of "national security." And that during our long and illustrious history, we've been on the "wrong" side of several small wars here and there. So, you know, along with a more rational approach to "homeland security" I think we need to have very public debates about where we're sending our troops (and money) and why.

And Liberal Oasis has a point. Where is the Republican Machine these days? They seem to be flailing about rather aimlessly. Is it...can it be that there are still honest politicians on the Right and that they've had Just. About. Enough? Or is it, as the entry suggests, just that the The Peepul are finally starting to wise up?

And is White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan going to crack up?

Lindsay Beyerstein Peeked! For those of you not checking until tomorrow, samples here and here and here.

Pam's House Blend brings us news of fries and a ride.

(Also? If I had sound on my PC at work, I'd follow the link Anyone but me think those "gay couples" are going to turn out to be actors?)

(Also? I don't normally buy sex toys, my favorite sex toy actually being a live man* but I think I'll have to throw a little support Target's way.)

Abortion as crime-preventative? Prometheus 6 gets a bit Swiftian and suggests aborting babies of the race that commits most of the violent crimes in this country.

David Sirota explains it to us. Politics in this country is corrupt. No doubt about it. It's a pity that those who benefit from the system are the only ones who could fix it.

Drat. Add this Sirota entry to tonight's reading list as well. "Dems New Agenda: The Good, The OK, and the Ugly"

And, via Avedon Carol (the emergency blog), a Nation article debunking, What's The Matter With Kansas?

To add to the Great Questions of Modern Society, let's add the one about why the Bush Administration keeps pretending scripted events are freestyle. Are they actually still fooling anyone? (ThinkProgress has the same story, only a bit more detail.)

And how about a President with a 2% approval rating (among one demographic)?

I'm sorry to spread idle gossip, but I can't read the entry any other way than that there are rumors Texas Governor Rick Perry should be a member of the Log Cabin Republicans?

I'm sorry...if there are any straight Republicans in office, could you hold up your hands or wear matching shirts or something? You're getting a little hard to find.

And Jeanne at Body and Soul has an excellent entry today.

(Lawrence? You see what I mean? "Corruption from a politician? Ho-hum.")


* Not, you know, in any degrading fashion or meant in any way to suggest that I'm in any way involved in anything not entirely consensual for, you know, intimate behavior.

In fact, I should probably just delete that entire link because further consideration suggests that it's just not appropriate subject matter for this particular blog but whatever. Anyone offended by an open mention of heterosexuality can just leave in a huff, never to return. That's a valid choice and I'll be okay with it.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:55 PM