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October 14, 2005
Bits of News

Bush's most recent photo-op was even stupider than it looked at first, and that's not always easy with these things. Tell me, at precisely what point did he decide to become a Saddam clone? (Most of us take it for granted any more that any time Bush appears in front of "real people," every move and every word is scripted.)

And, you know excuse me, but wasn't the Civil Service created precisely to prevent this kind of thing?

Speaking of the Bush Administration acting like idiots, are they punishing the print media?

A Knight-Ridder reporter lived with an all-Iraqi military group for a week. And he came back and said that what they're really prepping for is civil war. So, you know, I'm just thinking out loud here, but when the President says he wants total victory in Iraq, does he mean everybody who lives there dead so Halliburton can build a new corporate office complex? Or what?

One Iraqi Sunni party withdrew its opposition to the new constitution, coming up for a vote tomorrow. They got bombed.

In other news, the television channel Animal Planet is a hotbed of homosexuality. I find myself wondering if it's possible for someone to go so far over the edge of reality that they actually wind up in a different dimension. (Or do I mean I hope that's possible?) (Added: An exorcism? Could those people be any weirder?)

It's unpleasant, disturbing reading, but it's how things are in prison. This country needs to stop incarcerating so many people. Overcrowding and underfunding contribute significantly to this problem, as well as to the prison health care crisis.

We have a new spy agency. One so secret that we're not even allowed to know who's in charge. I'm just saying. If Negroponte helped create it, then I don't care who originally recommended it. I don't trust it.

Toking for memory improvement.

E.J. Dionne points out that we just finished an astonishingly short war on poverty. Lasted about a month.

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