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October 20, 2005
So Many Questions

In spite of actually remembering to buy a lottery ticket, I seem to have managed to fail to win the $340,000,000 jackpot. I'm not sure how that happened. I was fairly certain I had an arrangement with destiny to wake up rich today.

Question? Does the gentleman who thinks it was weird and scary for Bush to curse at a campaign heckler think it's weird for weird and scary for Paul Hackett to curse at a campaign heckler?

How unpopular is the Bush Administration? Marty Bahamonde, FEMA's guy on the ground in New Orleans testified that he told Brown, that day and repeatedly, how bad things were getting in the Superdome. Which pretty much puts Brown's own claim that he didn't know nuthin' for days in an interesting light.

(So? Is this payback for gutting the Agency and putting thousands of lives at risk? Or is it, be still my beating heart, a sign that some parts of The System actually do still work, in spite of everything the Bush Administration and associated neocons have done to try and destroy the government's ability to do anything but kill (brown) people?)

Oh, my. Did Lawrence Wilkerson (whoever he is) really come out swinging against the Bush Administration?

As top officials in the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney's office await possible criminal indictments for their efforts to discredit a whistle-blower, a top aide to former secretary of state, Colin Powell, on Wednesday accused a "cabal" led by Cheney and Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld of hijacking US foreign policy by circumventing or ignoring formal decision-making channels.

And did his former boss, Colin Powell, know he was going to do this before he did it? Does it matter? He was sitting on the sidelines, but near the top of the tree for a lot of years, putting him in a good position to watch what was going on, so his remarks are worth reading.

Wilkerson was particularly scathing about the former under secretary of defense for policy, Douglas Feith, citing (retired general) Tommy Frank's famous description of the neo-conservative ideologue as the "f...ing stupidest guy on the planet".

"Let me testify to that," he said. "He was. Seldom in my life have I met a dumber man. And yet, and yet, after the [Pentagon is given] control, at least in the immediate post-war period in Iraq, this man is put in charge. Not only is he put in charge, he is given carte blanche to tell the State Department to go screw themselves in a closet somewhere ... That's telling you how decisions were made and ... how things got accomplished."

It was entertaining reading until I got to the last paragraph. Sheesh.

Why did the latest attempt to raise the minimum wage fail? Because Republicans think the worst way to help people is to help people, or something like that.

Whatever else I am, I am not that kind of feminist. No "human rights" movement should base its policies on unjustly belittling and demeaning any other group of people. I applaud Switzerland for being the place in the world where these issues can be openly addressed. (It's too bad the USofA isn't that kind of place.)

Remember when tens of thousands of anti-war protesters were dismissed as a "focus group" to be ignored? Well, it looks like criminal investigations of top-ranking Bush Administration and Republican Party officials are just background noise. You know...when I'm not fantasizing about how those people would look behind bars, I sometimes allow myself a moment to be in awe of their astonishingly ability to ignore the parts of reality they don't feel like dealing with.

Today's Geek-Moment. I'll be keeping an eye on this but my #1 complaint, after spending 5 seconds on the site, is that if I want my IE toolbars removed, I'll do it myself, thankyouverymuch. (Also? A site that allows you to set it as your "home page" without allowing you access to any of your bookmarks or other IE functionality? Strikes me as a site that doesn't understand the purpose of the internet.)

Why is it that by the time I make it through just the major headlines these days, I'm just exhausted and discouraged?

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