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October 21, 2005
A Day In the Park

From one of our free, local, independent rags (Denver Daily News):

"It is really important for us to let young people know how magnificent our world is and our country is and how important it is for them to be outside to experience nature like all of us got to when we were children," Laura Bush told a Denver group Thursday.

She thinks kids watch too much television and spend too much time on-line and wants to help "raise $10 million for the National Park Foundation's Junior Ranger program, which teaches children about national parks."

Which they should learn, before her husband and his cronies fill the parks with oil and gas drilling equipment and plaques about how only god can make a tree but, if properly funded, Halliburton can turn a tree into part of the war on terror.

"She said that even children who cannot get to national parks or are disabled can take part in the program by going online to the program's Web site."

Because we don't want to waste any time letting disabled children actually see a national park. They can look at pictures, online!

Except when they're outside enjoying the beauty of nature, since she's advising them to spend less time on-line which seems confusing but I guess she means rich, healthy kids should travel to national parks and disabled kids should surf the net except that poor kids or poor disabled kids should not mess up a good speech.

More locally, State parks prep for budget cuts

Colorado State Parks have trimmed $2.6 million from its 2006 budget in preparation for possible cuts in the state's general fund.

With a 50 percent reduction in general fund support, the plan calls for full closure of some parks, seasonal closure of selected parks, and reduced hours and staffing of parks, as well as decreased administrative services and programs

The budget was prepared in response to a request by the Office of State Planning and Budget, which needs to trim $365 million from the state budget if Referendum C does not pass.

Vote Yes on Referendum C. And not only for the children.

The plan calls for full closure of 11 state parks: Crawford, Barr Lake, Lory, Bonny Lake, Roxborough, Harvey Gap, Sweitzer, Mancos, Spinney Mountain, Paonia and San Luis.
Posted by AnneZook at 03:10 PM


Anne, you crack me up and you always connect the dots most people miss. You're an inspired voice. Consider me a fan.

Posted by: Martha at October 25, 2005 04:44 PM

Thank you. :)

Posted by: Anne at October 25, 2005 09:27 PM