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October 22, 2005
World O'Blog

What the heck? (Via Profesor Kim.)

And, as might be expected, David Neiwert is the go-to guy for the full story on the recent riot in Toledo. Many photos. Neo-Nazis (who come off sounding scary, but mostly just pathetic) and what sounds like racist behavior from the police. Much like the press's coverage of black "looters" in New Orleans versus white "scavengers." We have a long way to go.

Don't ignore this story people. It's not an anomaly and the next generation is already being indoctrinated.

(In any sane country, this would be classified as child abuse.)

The women of Iceland are going on strike again. (Via Pandagon.)

It seems the question is answered. Meirs is not qualified. In my never-ending search to find intelligence and some kind of plan in the Bush Administration's inexplicable moves, I find myself wondering if they now consider themselves "off the hook" for nominating a woman?

Doesn't look like the Bush Administration wants New Orleans evacuees to be able to vote in upcoming elections. Now why do you suppose they'd be afraid of that?

Avedon Carol is always worth reading, but I was especially happy to see the story and link in her "Crime watch" post.

PoliticalWire has yet another great Gore Quote:

"It wasn't, 'We the conglomerates.' It wasn't, 'We the corporations.' It was, 'We the people.'"

Those of you complaining because the Left has no one of courage and conviction willing to stand up to the Bush Administration? Are you listening?

Best entry of the week. (The problem, of course, is that this President has no shame.)

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