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October 24, 2005
New(s) From Iraq

At least 23 dead in Iraq violence. That's a nice headline to start the day with. Not.

Criminy. Some neocon nitwits still their their hand-picked pupped Chalabi could become Iraq's PM?

In the U.K., a Lt Col of an active brigade resigns over the lack of armor for his troops.

Journalism is under fire. Literally.

Two rockets and a car bomb hit the Palestine Hotel on Monday, injuring at least one person and causing considerable damage to the building that houses many foreign journalists, Iraqi police said.

No coverage on who was responsible. With a "car bomb" one assumes "insurgents" but who knows? The USofA isn't above taking a few potshots at journalists.

And it's worth noticing that the BBC covers the story very differently.

Three powerful blasts have rocked streets around Baghdad's Palestine and Sheraton hotels, one of them sending up a huge plume of smoke and dust.

It is unclear what caused them in a city that has seen frequent car bomb and mortar attacks, and there were no immediate reports of casualties.

I don't watch much television, but if I did, and I'd have known it was on, I might have watched "The Question of Torture". But maybe not...because I don't need to be convinced that torture is wrong and that the Bush Administration's adoption of it as an "interrogation technique" is a national disgrace. Nor that the soldiers torturing people are going to have a hard time with their behavior in the years to come (although I don't know if that was addressed in the program or not).

Still. The interview about how the program was made and why it wasn't made by the "mainstream media" is worth reading. (And, no, Michael Kirk isn't massively biased against the Bush Administration*, so those of you who lean Right can read the interview without fear of cooties.) (*I can tell the same way I always tell...he said things that annoyed me.)

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