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October 24, 2005
Money, money, money

Some not buying story of Frist sale

Paper reports Senate leader was told of HCA holdings in "blind trust"; at odds with earlier account.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist received regular updates on his holdings in HCA, according to a published report, which would seem at odds with his earlier statements about his knowledge and control over his holdings.

Those big meanies. Picking on a guy just because he's got a little money and wants to know what's happening to it? So what if someone in his position should be making decisions based on what's good for the country and not his portfolio? Haven't you heard? The rich are the country. What's good for them is good for...well, them. Poor people don't fund campaigns.

And here's a lesson for you. You shouldn't assume that just because a deal was done by a bunch of connected cronies and because campaign contributions and payouts of ten times market value for property were involved that a deal is crooked. Naughty you.

Also? Just because someone gets paid a huuuge amount of money for doing...we know not what, it's not right to assume whatever they were doing was cover-up related. You are so cynical.

And this is an op-ed site and thus can't be trusted like real news. Guv'nor Bush hiring and firing to squash criminal investigations? It's all just speculation.

Pure speculation. Like the idea that Bush might fire Fitzgerald to squish his criminal investigations. (Also? You know, no, it ain't gonna happen. The is the USofA, not backwater Texas. People would talk.)

Hmmm. Reading this, it actually looks like the Democratic Party has a plan for the next election cycle. No, guys, it's not too early to start. But while you're planning, don't forget to speak up loud and proud right now. If you don't, you might wind up inheriting this.

But maybe they are moving? Pelosi is calling for an investigation into potential financial shenanigans around Republican Bob Ney's ties to a lucrative contract and a company connected to...wait for it...Jack Abramoff.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:57 AM