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October 26, 2005
Are you listening?

Panic in West Nile As Kony's LRA Mount Invasion

The ease and swiftness with which the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels sneaked over vast areas of South Sudan into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has caused panic in West Nile.

Questions are arising over the competence of Uganda's intelligence to detect and forestall subversive activities.

That a whole band of 370 fighters of LRA led by their much-feared Deputy Commander, Lt. Gen. Vincent Otti could pass via the SPLA-controlled South Sudan safely is baffling because Uganda has been a longtime ally of the SPLA, who surely couldn't have aided the rebels.
In response, Uganda government hurriedly transferred its battle-tested troops of the 51st and 79th battalions from Acholi land, where they have been fighting the same rebels - with little success - for nearly 19 years, to West Nile in order to secure the frontier areas.

Apparently military action is not the answer.

Situation in Sudan's Darfur Deteriorating Sharply, Says UN Refugee Agency Chief

"For Darfur to stabilise, one of two things must happen. Either the parties must radically change behaviour and respect their commitments, or AMIS must be expanded in both size and mandate, and given the support it needs. Given this conflict's history, the latter is the only real option today," David Mozersky, ICG's senior analyst said.

Not murdering thousands of people isn't an option? What kind of lunatics are these people?

Evil ones, led by this man.

The situation in Sudan's strife-torn Darfur region is once again deteriorating sharply, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said, warning of a possible imminent calamity which might have "a devastating impact" on neighbouring countries and on other parts of Sudan.

They need help. But what kind?

Aid workers increasingly are the focus of attacks and humanitarian agencies say this is seriously hampering their capacity to operate on the ground in Darfur, where nearly 180,000 people have been killed 2 million others displaced since fighting erupted between the Government, allied militias and rebels in early 2003.

180,000 people have died in Darfur in the last two years.

Where is the world? Just...just watching? Again?

Sudan Focus of New Caucus in US House of Representatives

How nice. A caucus. Making, if the article is correct, one of 180 caucuses on things we care about or are worried about.

Yeah, sarcasm, but it's because I don't have any better suggestions.

Clearly you can't kill people into behaving themselves. And people in a "holy war" (demanding that Uganda be ruled by the 10 commandments?) just aren't amenable to logic and common sense.

Bottom line? Religion is dangerous and makes people stupid.

Bottomer line? If we weren't so occupied with killing thousands of people in Iraq, maybe we'd have the time and resources to do something significant in the Sudan.

But I sure don't know what.

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