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October 26, 2005
Fake News!

Someone wrote a piece of legislation with teeth in it, but it's been defanged.

You know, you just can't keep this Administraton/Congress under control. As soon as you squash them in one area, they're breaking out into idiocy in another.

Seriously, people. I know everyone in the country wants you to get active on their cause, but this one matters. It's important to know if the "news report" on some government activity you just heard is, you know, actually news or a PR blurb the government put out to soothe you.

And, like clear and transparent voting, this is a bipartisan issue. Those of you on the Right should play along. (It astonishes me how few of you care about voting issues or media transparency issues. Astonishes me and touches me, because it argues that you have a deep and abiding faith in the essential honestly and fairness of the Democratic Party, the one likely to be back in power after next year's mid-terms and in an even stronger position after the '08 Presidential election.)

So, go head. Make a call or write a letter.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:35 AM