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October 26, 2005
We Helped 'Em

Afghanistan. Supply depot for much of the world's drug trade.

We gave 'em democracy, albeit accompanied with large side orders of Warlords We Rely On*.

It's a pity we couldn't give them something they could use. Like decent lives or hope for the future.

Oh, yeah. We helped 'em, all right.


(*An old and favored CIA trick. Ally yourself with criminals and murderers and drug traffickers so you can...I don't know. Win a few cosmetic victories, in place of real ones?

I'm pretty sure this isn't what most of the CIA's people were hoping for when they signed on, but it's what the CIA has been for decades.


(This "one topic per blog entry" thing is a lot of work. There will be a brief silence while I write the names of all the issues and ideas I care about on slips of paper, drop them into a hat, and just pick three to worry about in the future.)

Posted by AnneZook at 11:18 AM