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October 27, 2005
Rules Is For Other People

And Andrew Bard Schmookler (what a name!) is wrong. The problems we're facing today don't have anything to do with "religion" which is just a smokescreen the Bush Administration uses to cloak their real motivation and goals.

It has everything to do with morality...or the kind of morality held in contempt by those with power, arrogance, money, and privilege.

We're facing these problems because the "CEO" of our country is a failed businessman who was bailed out in the past by daddy's friends so often that he has no respect for or belief in the force of law. His contempt for the legal system was illustrated by his nomination of Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court. No clearer demonstration of his indifference to the function of SCOTUS could have been made, short of just not bothering to nominate anyone at all.

I'm pleased she was forced to withdraw her nomination. I just wonder if anyone but me has the sense that the Bush Administration is going down in flames and the country is being led by a pack of increasingly lunatic wanna-bes?

I'm not calling anyone mentally unstable because that might be actionable. But nominating Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court was not the behavior of sensible people. I mean, what kind of delusions would have fed the belief that such a nomination would be acceptable?

Possibly, being allowed to make the recess nomination of the completely unacceptable John Bolton to the U.N. went to someone's head.

Bush has finally created a mess so big that not all daddy's money and friends can fix it for him, or hide even part of it under the rug.

I do wonder just what the rest of his meltdown is going to look like.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:17 AM