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October 27, 2005
I'm melting....

Speaking of meltdowns, is the Republican Lies and Defamation political strategy suffering from a huge one?

Scott Howell, the PR guy who created a lot of the more distasteful Rightwing ads of the last few years, defending a factually inaccurate and racist ad for Jerry Kilgore, Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia:

Howell pleaded ignorance to the specifics of Bell's case. "The guy was in trouble and he was about to be deported, I think," Howell said. "And he just happened to be--technically didn't want to be thrown out of the country, I think. And I'm telling you, I'd love to belabor that with you, I just don't have the...I can't stand to talk to somebody in the media and be wrong."

So was Timbrook's statement an insidious appeal to prejudice? Again, Howell presented himself as a naÔve bystander.

"Basically he [Bell] had jeopardized... you've got to verify this," Howell explained. "But basically, the guy had his visa revoked because of his record, and INS was looking for him to throw him out of the country. He thought it was an INS bust or whatever. That's something you've got to--don't write anything about that, because I don't... I know in the moment, it was almost like an extra nugget. It was almost an extra line when talking to her about it. It was sort of germane to the discussion. It wasn't intentional. It sort of found its way there."

An adman claiming he doesnít know where the content of his ad came from? Sounds like serious meltdown territory to me.

The article is titled, "Hitler in Virginia" after the infamous "Hitler Ad" which was also a Howell creation.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:43 AM


I was in the ICP last week (International Center for Photography) in Manhattan. They've great photos from every historical period. One was of a billboard that the Republicans put up during the 1950s. It is amazing. It shows huge monster hands reaching for a vulnerable looking white woman. The headline says "Keep yourselves safe! Vote Republican!"

This photo had been made into a postcard. I would have scanned it and put it on my blog, but I didn't want to violate anyone's copyright.

Posted by: Lawrence Krubner at November 8, 2005 01:46 PM

Five years ago, I might have argued the point, but today it seems to me that there's a significant portion of the Republican Leadership who is still more than happy to use similar disgusting tactics to appeal to buried, unconscious, or even conscious bigotry, in order to gain power.

Posted by: Anne at November 9, 2005 01:06 PM