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October 28, 2005
Victories! Justice!

Multinational Monitor's new issue is out and this time the lead article is one to warm the heart.

The Peopleís Triumph Over Corporate Power

When you are in the business of tracking and reporting on multinational corporate activity, it is inevitable that you you are going to traffic in tales of sorrow, woe and misery.

Deprivation of land and livelihoods; poisoning, homogenizing and genetically altering the food supply; price gouging and union busting; fraud and theft; reckless endangerment of workers and consumers; destruction of communities and private enclosure of public and community assets and space; denial of life-saving medicines and marketing of deadly products; clearcutting forests and altering the earthís climate; imposing charges for education and healthcare and no-charge dumping of toxics into the air and water: these are the routine byproducts of the multinational corporationís single-minded drive for profits. And so, they are the stuff of Multinational Monitor reporting.

But for all their power, multinational corporations do not always prevail. Their plans are frequently thwarted, their power restrained, their authority displaced.

Almost always, a common thread ties together these defeats of corporate power: an organized group of people. Sometimes it is a handful of skillful campaigners, sometimes a mass movement of millions. But people power does regularly overcome and triumph over concentrated corporate power.

In this issue marking Multinational Monitorís twenty-fifth anniversary, we celebrate those citizen victories with the first of a two-part series recounting peoplesí wins over corporations and their supporting structures and institutions.

Anyone wondering how to organize, and succeed, needs to read these accounts.

The rest of you need to read them because we all need validation that it is possible to win against the might of multinational corporations and indifferent, or hostile, governments.

(No one ever seems to be discussing this publication. Why does no one ever discuss this publication? They do some astonishing journalism and this issue's table of contents is just mouth-watering.)

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