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November 01, 2005
Being Liberal

Thanks to Biomes Blog, via Ahistoricality. (With a few personal alterations.)

Yes, I am a liberal.

I知 not a moderate, I知 not a progressive. I知 a liberal. A label I am more proud of every day.

I do not hate America, I love my country.

I believe in everything that is good about it and I oppose everything that is not.

I support the right of a woman to control her own body.
I believe that every person should be afforded the best health care regardless of their income.
I favor fiscal responsibility and fairness in government.
I want energy independence and the emergence of alternative energy sources.
I believe it is our duty to protect ecosystems and biodiversity.
I believe every child should have access to the best education we can give them.
I believe every adult should have access to jobs that provide a living wage.
I believe in free speech and the right to criticize the government when it is acting against our people痴 interests.
I believe, as our founding fathers did, in the separation of church and state.

I oppose wars based on profit, greed and lies.
I oppose hatred based on gender, skin color, or sexual preference.

I am anti-torture.

I am a liberal. Live with it and learn from it. You vote against your own interests. I vote for the interests of everyone.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:02 AM