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November 01, 2005

Alito sort of encapsulates much of what I think is wrong with all of those sitting on the extreme Rightwing.

Guns should be plentiful, corporations should be unfettered, and marriage grants a man rights over the body of his wife. (This last is absolutely the case. Between the "spousal notification" issue on abortion and his position that a warrant to search and man and his "home" entitles the police to search his wife and child, you simply cannot argue that he does not view a wife and/or a child as the "property" of a man.)

(Okay, you could argue it. But since, as far as I know, he was never faced with a case where a search warrant was issued for a woman and the police used it to search her husband, we don't know how he would have ruled.) (And had he ruled the same way, I think we'd have heard a lot of rightwing outrage and there would have been backlash, not so much against Alito, but against...wait for it...feminism! REducing a Man to simple property!)

(Either way, a spouse is not property.)

(It might be educational to know how he would have ruled had the woman not been the man's wife, but a live-in lover or something, donít you think?) (Or even just a roommate or a tenant?)

He seems to be both intelligent and qualified, as to knowledge and experience. He's perfectly "in step" with the "constituency" that Bush wants to placate and enlist. He's just completely out of sync with Mainstream America. He represents a small but vocal minority.

(The problem is that the Bush Administration (and the MSM) tend to think Bush's support is stronger than it is because the wingnuts are so loud.)

(If recent GAO reports about voting "irregularities" in Ohio are what they seem, Bush has likely failed to be elected to the Presidency twice now. His only moment of public "popularity" came after 9/11, and anyone holding the office would have been given a similar, or much stronger, "bounce.") (His "bounce" was less than Giuliani's, too, but that's largely because Giuliani was the face of coping with disaster after 9/11. Bush was, predictably, AWOL for 24 hours.)

Sigh. Don't mind me. I was going to talk about Alito and apologize for yesterday's vulgarity, but the minute I start contemplating the Bush Administration, I get all ranty.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:46 AM