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November 03, 2005
News-free Zone

Well, I could talk about the crisis in Ethiopia or how stupid it is to try to dictate how a Swiss pharmaceutical company does business (and over a drug that's likely to be useless) or ponder why none of the blogs I read seem to be discussing the Paris riots but the truth is that all of my attention is for me today.

My official date of unemployment was stretched from 10/31 to 11/4. In the meantime, a sister company has offered me a 10-hour a week "filler" position for a month or two (one that could grow into a full-time position) which would enable me to have at least a little income while I intensify my job search. My current company is also waffling about whether or not a new project might come through in time to keep me on. And the job I was hoping to get, the one a friend has opening up at her company still isn't materializing until January. By the time all of these people decide whether or not to hire me, I'll need an extended stretch of unemployment to recover from the roller-coaster of stress.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:37 AM