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November 16, 2005

Another acronym we need to know and fear.

(According to one of PFAW's observers, Norquist told a room full of legislators that "those on the left aren't stupid, they're evil.")

Okay, I take issue with this. In a room full of people dedicating their live to the betterment of corporate health at the expense of, you know, actual people? It's a bit insane to announce that people for whom human beings are of the first importance are "evil."

Is Norquist that crazy or was he just "whipping up the base"? (I'd really like to know what Norquist was talking about. If he really thinks the Left is "evil," I want to know why.)

Always remember and never forget.

"Pay to play" doesn't just describe corporate support for this organization. It describes the country they want to create. A country in which education, justice, and opportunity are handed to those who can afford to pay for them.

That's not the kind of democracy the vast majority of the people in this country want. It's not the kind of democracy the vast majority of the people in this country can afford. Even if it gives the Far Right the hives, the bottom line is that our democracy is a kind of collective bargaining agreement. We all chip in our pennies to create an entity large enough to represent any of us who might need it. It's fundamental to how this country operates.

Trying to change that, to provide traditional "government" services only to those who can afford to pay as they go? Is so very un-American.

Heck...it's almost evil.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:47 AM