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November 18, 2005
What to do?

Does our failure in Vietnam show us how to succeed in Iraq?

No, he isn't arguing that Iraq=Vietnam, so don't get your knickers in a twist.

He does, however, have some really good stuff to say about what happened in Vietnam and how we can and should learn from the lessons of the past so we can deal with the problems of today.

I don't agree with everything he says but I think the essay (it's not short) is worth reading.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:22 AM


Anne - Funny you post this article - I lead a "lunchtime" seminar a group of us hold every couple of weeks to discuss/debate articles in current academic/professional journals. This issue of FA, and this article in particular, is the subject of next Tuesday's seminar. Perhaps I'll post more after that session.

Posted by: Col Steve at November 18, 2005 03:29 PM

I really hope you do. I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.

Posted by: Anne at November 20, 2005 10:10 AM