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November 20, 2005
A Free Press
Telling the whole truth is not an exercise to be limited to children before they reach the age of reason. It is the indispensable requirement for an effective democracy. If the press and the politicians lie to the people, or hide those parts of the truth which trouble the conscience or offend a friend, how can the people’s falsely-based decisions be trusted?

From The Texas Observer's first editorial, 50 years ago, when the face of corruption and bigotry in Texas wore a coat of Democrat blue.

Via Bill Moyer's recent speech, where he warns that today the coat is Republican Red and committing a new list of sins.

Everything President George W. Bush knows, he learned here, as the product of a system rigged to assure the political progeny needed to perpetuate itself with minimum interference from the nuisances of liberal democracy. You remember liberal democracy: the rule of law, the protection of individual and minority rights, checks and balances against arbitrary power, an independent press, the separation of church and state. As governor, Bush was nurtured by the peculiar Texas blend of piety and privilege that mocks those values. With the election of 2000, he and his cohorts arrived in Washington like atheists taking over the Vatican; they had come to run a government they don’t believe in. The results have been disastrous: reckless tax cuts, a relentless assault on social services, monumental debt, pre-emptive war, an exhausted military, booming corporate welfare and corruption so deep and pervasive it has touched every facet of American government.

Much as I hate to say it, I'm almost glad Bill Moyers got fired. He's been one of the strongest public voices the Left has since then.

I read The Texas Observer and am reminded of the Irishman who comes upon a street brawl and asks, “Is this a private fight, or can anyone get in it?” You never let us forget that democracy is a public fight.

As is the fight to keep our press free. Moyers has a point. If there's an actually honest newspaper or magazine out there that you rely on? Toss them a few bucks.

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