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November 20, 2005
Wind-swept prairies

Is the land of the Midwest returning to its roots?

Population 1: the town that's been reclaimed by the prairie

As rural economies collapse, communities across America are being deserted, as Paul Harris discovers in Monowi, Nebraska

The entire population of Monowi, Nebraska, is sitting in a bar. Her name is Elsie Eiler, 72.

Monowi. Pop. 1

The primary school where Eiler met her husband as a child is now a ruin. In fact Monowi's been in decline since shortly after it was founded. That is true of a lot of the Great Plains. Although settlers flocked to the land, the soil is too thin for quality farming and is soon exhausted. Changes in the rural economy, where Wal-Mart and other chain stores take almost all the business, have destroyed what remains.

It's an interesting article.

And, on that note, I think I'll shut up for a while.

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