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November 23, 2005
Angry Today

(It's a rant, okay? Don't expect rationality or statistics supporting my views.)

I'm tired of being told how we did it all for the "freedom" of the Iraq people. We went to war to secure for ourselves a large share of Iraq's oil and it's silly to pretend we didn't.

All of our posturing about "stability" in the Middle East is and has been around the vast oil reserves in the area and I think it's important for us all to finally acknowledge that openly. That's what it's been about for decades.

Certainly, faced with the Bush Administration's indifference and incompetence around the plight of the Hurricane Katrina victims, no sane person could pretend that any "humanitarian" concerns motivated their invasion of Iraq.

So, yes, I offer the Iraqi people congratulations for this tiny evidence that they're able to overcome some of their political differences, at least briefly.

Our only contribution was to become so obnoxious to every faction of their society that they were willing to band together with their previous "enemies" against us.

Right down to the "language" that "saves face" for the Sunnis who have been making targets of the Kurdish and the Shi'ite populations. It isn't as though most of the victims of suicide bombings have been foreigners. They've been Iraqis. If these various governmental representatives have gone so far as to rubber-stamp those tactics as "acceptable" that says much about just how badly they actually do want us out of their country.

This is a bad war, conducted in the wrong way, using "plans" from incompetent lunatics who watched too many John Wayne movies and who assumed that once the shelling stopped, life would just go on as before, except with rose petals.

When you factor in the fact that we've "arrested" 80,00+ people and appear to be hiding a number of them away in "secret" facilities, while it's been revealed that we've tortured a number of others?

Everything about this war makes me sick.

I'm just so....

I read it from the Bush Administration mouthpieces every day. "How come no one talks about the good things that are happening?"

And, yes, I know that here and there we're making a positive difference. But I think that has more to do with the basic decency and good will of the soldiers on the spot than it does with any plans the Bush Administration had for how to handle their occupation of Iraq.

I fully believe that for every story of a group of soldiers who lose it and shoot up a family and their minivan, there are twenty stories of soldiers helping rebuild schools or dig wells or befriending children.

But it's right that the media, and the public should focus on the bad things that happen because it's not right to pretend that a real war is a noble, bloodless 'cause' full of transcendent victories and universally heroic behavior. It's not like that.

This isn't a movie and I don't think anyone should be allowed to pretend that it is.

This war was planned by delusional people wearing rose-colored glasses and if it's not going to turn into another Vietnam that we're suffering collective guilt for fifty years from now, we need to make the change now.

We dropped white phosphorus on civilians. We melted the flesh from the bodies of children. That is what war is like.

After Vietnam, the nation collectively swore, "never again."

All it took to change that was a cadre of dangerously short-sighted and evil men whose indifference to the needs and desires of 99% of the world's population puts them in league with some of the foulest regimes in the history of the modern world.

They lied to us, deceived Congress, ignored evidence from our allies, and manipulated the facts to force us into invading Iraq.

Impeach George Bush.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:12 AM