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December 02, 2005
Voter Registration

What do you suppose is going on at Accenture? Looks like the company is losing contracts all over the country because their computerized "voter registration system" is a disaster.

(Hey, aren't those "multinational" corporations headquarted in places like Bermuda the ones we don't approve of because they're ducking out on paying their taxes?)

A little research shows that Accenture is our old friend, Andersen Consulting. Accenture is what they changed their name to in order to try and avoid being contaminated with the accounting fraud that brought down the other half of the company, Arthur Andersen, once the country's largest accounting firm. (Also, the two halves of the company were fighting. When a firm is going both consulting and accounting/auditing business for a company, there's tension between the consultants, who want a rosy picture painted of the company's health, and the auditors, whose job it is to find out if there's anything naughty going on.) (Arthur Andersen, for those with short memories, was the accounting firm for Enron.)

If you're interested in what else Accenture is up to, here's an interesting article. And here's another one.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:25 AM