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December 07, 2005
We're In Good Hands

Oh, yeah. The Bush Administration is doing us up right. We're strong.

We're strong on fighting terrorism, and we do what it takes, no matter who thought of it first. (You gotta admit...those Nazis had it down when it came to how to treat protesting "focus group" types.)

And let's not forget they're strong on defense. Because nothing says "we're a strong, proud country" like chaining someone up and beating him to death.

And a strong central government...well, that's not traditionally thought of as a Republican goal, but this bunch sure is fighting for it. Of course, their "central" mostly meansas much power as possible in a single pair of hands those of the President, but that's nothing like what Saddam Hussein did. Nothing at all. (Nothing at all like a tyrannical dictator who imprisoned protesters on the flimsiest of excuses, used banned weapons and sought to acquire or develop more, and invaded nonagressive countries. Nothing at all.)

Don't be fooled by people trying to convince you that we've been down this path before...disastrously. Nosiree, we're fighting the good fight against dangerous enemies.

The role models of the Bush Administration should worry you.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:41 AM