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December 12, 2005

Something's gone wrong with my computer. When I plug the optical USB mouse in, it lights up like it's getting power through the USB port, but the mouse itself doesn't work. It was a "plug and play" device, so there's no software I can reinstall. I tried buying a new mouse, but it didn't work either. Surfing today's internet without a mouse is really a pain.

In other news, George Bush thinks the Founding Fathers were representatives of an an aggressive foreign power that invaded the colonies' borders and rammed democracy down the people's throats, so he's as clueless about history as he is about current events.

Not that the democracy we have today is the kind of thing most of the Founding Fathers would be happy to claim as their own. What on earth is happening in Ohio? Making it illegal to challenge the results of the vote count in presidential elections?

Wow. If anyone from Iraq is watching, I wonder how they feel about the kind of "freedom" we're modeling for them?

Posted by AnneZook at 09:13 AM