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December 23, 2005
Celebrate Mediocrity

Congress Leaves Bush Agenda Unfinished is a headline to warm the heart.

And yet....

"If it were an ordinary year, a traditional year, sort of a simple first year of a president's second term, you would have to say he had a pretty good year," said Stephen Hess, public affairs professor at George Washington University.

Boggles the mind. By what standard would a year of fighting about torture, body counts and illegal wire taps, one withdrawn Supreme Court nomination, and another stalled nomination, allegations of financial corruption and fraud in the majority party, and an intelligence scandal that comes ever-closer to the White House be considered a pretty good year?

Our standards sure have fallen.

"They did a lot of tier-two issues that were important to certain constituencies but that, in and of themselves, were not of any great magnitude," Franc said. "It was not a year for, obviously, enactment or even action on tier-one issues."

A man with a 3 point "mandate" that increasingly looks like the result of blatant election fraud might need to be grateful that individual members of Congress had their own pet projects to push through, some of which can be touted as "wins" for the White House.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:00 PM