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December 24, 2005
Happy Holidays

Ho. Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place

"It brings us frighteningly close to a show me your papers society," said Carrie Davis of the ACLU, which opposes the Ohio Patriot Act.

I was thinking that exact same thing, even before I read that sentence.

Ho. Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

Do you know what your internet provider has been doing?

(Tangentially, I find myself wondering if the government's demand that everything become digital ASAP is connected to the relative east of mining digital data? If TV becomes digital, for instance, how long will it be before stations are gathering digital information on just which households watch them and when? Will those of us who watch programs that are too "liberal" find ourselves visited by the Terrorism Cops? Yes, it's far-fetched. But a lot less unthinkable than it was five years ago.)

Ho. If the Supreme Court thinks that government officials should be immune from prosecution, well, isn't that just a license to commit crimes?

P.S. It's A Wonderful Internet

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