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January 03, 2006
What's Old

So, taking a look back at 2005, I guess it was a successful blog year. Blog traffic around here nearly doubled over 2004. Odd but flattering. 4.

Other bloggers have more interesting things to celebrate, including some really excellent posts, some old, and some new.

Iím here to protect you.

I know your name. I know your address. I know the names of everyone living with you.

I know where you work. I know what you really think about your employer. I know when you called in sick but really werenít. I know your medical condition. I know what your doctor thinks of you.

If you get a moment, pop over to archie's and share your own personal woo-woo story.

Pam's House Blend points us to the 12 Warning Signs of Fascism.

Over at Political Animal, Steve Benen offers us a little Taking 'Stock', wherein we are reminded that the stock market not only ended this year on a down note, but is actually down for Bush's entire time in office. In short, after five years of cutting taxes to help the economy, we're worse off than we were before he took office...and that's saying something.

Over at Republic of T, Terrance links to blogs discussing possible Progressive platforms for 2006 and beyond, plus his own ideas. We all need to be considering this. (My suggestions? Soon. Very soon.)

AVedon Carol offered an excellent handful of links today (don't miss the Iraqi airstrikes story) as well as, from Sunday, Facing a dying nation.

David Sirota offers a link to an excellent LATimes story on the vanishing middle class.

Azael over at Hellblazer has a Black n' White post.

At Hullabaloo, Digby is talking about Contextualizing Basically, bloggers are doing the research journalist don't seem to do any more, which is why it's good we have bloggers. And don't miss this older but good post on The Liberty Platform.

And, last but not least, over at The Poor Man Institute, The Editors have a good entry on partying like it's 1859.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:20 AM


Hi Anne have you been to Aachen last year (2005)?

Posted by: San at January 4, 2006 04:58 AM

No, I've never been to Aachen.

Posted by: Anne at January 4, 2006 09:41 AM

Interesting how the UK story on airstrikes didn't include this part that at least even the Wash Po did:

Several U.S. officers involved in operations in Iraq attributed much of the increase to a series of ground offensives in western Anbar province. Those offensives, conducted by U.S. Marines and Iraqi forces, were aimed at clearing foreign fighters and other insurgents from the Euphrates River Valley and establishing Iraqi control over the Syrian border area.

It's also rather suspect for the UK paper to claim the spike represents a trend for the upcoming year. They don't bother to research the number of airstrikes (when a platform releases a munition on a target) relative to airsorties (when a platform is merely sent up to provide some type of air support). Did this ratio stay the same (which may indicate a true surge in the use of airpower) or did it increase (which may mean more engagable targets under the existing rules were present)?

The increase may reflect the insurgents' weakness. A rash of attacks might result from insurgents' fears that they are losing the war and must do something dramatic to reverse their fortunes. There was a spike in violence around the time of the January 2005 elections -- violence motivated by the insurgents' fear of the elections, not their growing strength.

Why should we be surprised more insurgent activity provided more targets (given the *very* restrictive ROE which the article doesn't bother to mention - did that change? become more lax?)?

Numbers without context...or the context the author wants to create so as to shape the reader's conclusion.

Posted by: Col Steve at January 4, 2006 10:19 AM