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January 25, 2006
And Yet More

Corruption. It's not just for Congressional Republicans any more.

McCain wants some reform. of pork barrel politics. Yeah, because that's going to happen.

And, speaking of trying to corral corruption...is K Street going to fight back? Sounds like it, when they start by saying, "No New Rules" doesn't it?

Not (really!) about corruption at all, no, but on my way to the office this morning, I was musing over Big Oil's Very Good Year and wondering what, if any, "fallout" there was going to be when the news of their profits started sinking in to the public's mind. That made this story interesting to me.

Big Oil Tries to Shine Its Image

Facing renewed scrutiny on Wall Street and Capitol Hill, the oil industry is trying to humanize itself after announcing record profits amid rising energy prices.


ConocoPhillips kicked off the fourth-quarter earnings season for big oil on Wednesday with an impressive $13.5 billion annual profit, up 66 percent from its 2004 performance. The rest of the major integrated oil and gas firms will march out their end-of-year books during the coming week and a half.


And, speaking of obscene amounts of money, how about executive compensation? From "pay, perks, and pensions" to "pay without performance."

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