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January 25, 2006
Four To Finish

Right now, CounterPunch is leading with, Military Contractor Philanthropy, a sober story about the increasingly embedded tentacles of the military-industrial complex, our society, and the risks of speaking out.

I don't know what I'd have done if I'd have been the Google Guys. Do you cave in to demands for censorship or take a chance that people will be barred from all online information? They made their decision and now China has government-approved content at google.cn. That had to be a tough decision. Or, rather, two decisions. The decision to omit certain sites from the .cn database is one thing. Allowing searchers to be redirected to alternate, "approved" sites, some of which criticize the information searchers weren't allowed to see is something else entirely. If their motto is "don't be evil" I think they got halfway to their goal.

You know, David Michael Green has a point. What in the hell is the Democratic leadership waiting for. If we don't have a Democratic leadership, we need to get us some.

If this was a UK production, I'd offer the headline, "Jumping mouse gets up government's nose" here, but it's not, so I won't.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:03 PM


I'm not thrilled with what Google did, but I'll cut them some slack for notifying users when sites are unavailable due to filtering. At least people will know that the information is there, even if they can't see it.

Posted by: Bryan at January 25, 2006 08:33 PM

Actually, the warning is entirely in line with other Chinese policies with regard to internet monitoring and censorship: It's a reminder to the user that they are not free, and it's intended to be intimidating.

I think the Chinese government has realized that they can't entirely censor the internet, but they can frighten people into self-censorship. So I'm not sure how much credit I'm gonna give Goodle on this one, yet.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at January 26, 2006 02:31 AM