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January 26, 2006
Porn and Politics

Clicking through the links this morning, I found myself reading this article and also I found myself amused. I wrote a whole entry around this article before I realized that no one wanted to know.

So, moving on to politics, I'm amused that the NYTimes editorial reflects a sense of panic. After refusing to cover a lot of the protests over, questions about, and opposition to Alito, they're realizing he just might get confirmed and they don't want that. It's a pity that it didn't occur to them a month or two ago that a factual layout of his major cases and his decisions, plus a recap of his political history, might not be useful bits of "news" for the public to know, isn't it?

Robert Scheer says the Bush Administration are obsessed voyeurs when it comes to sex and violence (no surprise, when you're talking about the Right) and that that time he clicked on that Victoria's Secret link was purely an accident, please don't arrest him.

Party love. Is it blinding Republicans to the ugly truth about Iraq? I'd say, yes, it's blinding a lot of them. People get hung up on the labels. Republican. Democrat. Whatever. They need to watch the issues. They need to watch what's happening, not trust blindly in fergodsake politicians.

If you want a silly story to read, go on over and see how looking at people's bottoms might change the way clothes are designed. The idea that people's butts will look better when they stop sitting on them and start exercising them doesn't seem to be relevant. For the record, though, when they start evaluating men's bottoms, I volunteer to be one of the lookers.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:02 PM