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January 26, 2006
Pondering Other Topics

Girl cooties are ruining college for boys. How often have we heard that made-up lie? But read this article anyhow, for the pleasure of coming across this bit, in response to the claim that girl cooties are ruining K-12 education for boys, too:

Furthermore, I don't know where those pundits went to school, but education has always involved a lot of sitting, a lot of organizing, a lot of deadlines and a lot of work you didn't necessarily feel like doing. It's always been heavily verbal in fact, today's textbooks are unbelievably dumbed down and visually hyped compared with fifty years ago. Conservatives talk as if boys should be taught in some kind of cross between boot camp and Treasure Island but what kind of preparation for modern life would that be? As for the decline of gym and teams and band activities that keep academically struggling kids, especially boys, coming to school whose idea was it to cut those "frills" in the first place if not conservatives?

Precisely. Plus which? I'd appreciate it if you wimmin-hating wingnuts would stop telling boys they don't learn well or easily and that school is hard for them, okay? It's not true but you're creating an atmosphere that penalizes boys who do do the work to succeed in school.

Anyhow. Telling guys that sitting in a chair reading and talking for a couple of hours is practically beyond their abilities isn't going to fit them well for the business world, is it? I mean, what is it with those people? Why do they hate boys?

The SPJ is right. With the abdication of television news and the print MSM, we don't have many sources for objective, deep-reaching public service news. Knight-Ridder is a treasure. Have you checked out Knight Ridder's Alito coverage?

Also, have you see this? Three so-called Democrats voting for Alito so far. What the Left needs is fewer Democrats and more liberals.

Can you patent something that's been in wide use for years? Seems you can. Cingular just patented smilies.

P.S. Over in the UK, there's some worry that a conflict with Iran will trigger a massive recession. Do you think the MSM in the USofA and elsewhere will ever get tired of being played by the Bush Administration?

Posted by AnneZook at 12:40 PM