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January 27, 2006
Show It

IDs are a fact of life and we all need to accept that, even Libertarians.

The time when this country had 24-1/2 people per thousand square miles is long past and human nature itself requires that we be able to identify our fellow citizens.

Should the time come when we've evolved past robbing banks, hit-and-run driving, forging checks, stealing cars, shoplifting, and all the rest of our less-charming habits, maybe it won't be necessary for those of us who don't commit crimes to be prepared to prove our identities at any moment, but until then....

Having said that, I reluctantly agree that showing ID at an airport is probably going to be with us forever as well. I don't like it and I agree it's intrusive and time-consuming. Most of us are used to it, though.

I don't think it does anything to make anyone safer. The security searches (which I also dislike) probably do make some of us safer. As long as we have the security searches, showing IDs adds nothing but aggravation to the process of air travel.

Still, I'm resigned, although obviously not all of us are

But, some things I didn't know:

The court noted that the secret regulations allow passengers to fly without providing an ID if they submit to searches. The court dismissed assertions that such searches are unreasonable.

Secret regulations? I hate that we have "secret" regulations. And there's no way anyone can pretend we need to have "secret" regulations.

Also? Such searches are unreasonable. All airport searches are unreasonable. They're tantamount to declaring us all guilty until proven innocent, which is clearly unconstitutional.

Sadly, they're probably also necessary. Not because I think another round of terrorists suicide bombers is mobilizing to strike, but because our own home-grown population spawns its own brand of copy-cat crazies.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:28 AM