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January 28, 2006
Other People's Blogs

Drat. I don't often mention causes for donations around this neighborhood, but the Texas Observer is a mighty good little publication. If you have a couple of bucks to toss their way, that would be good. I can't give money directly to Molly, one of my favorite columnists, so I'll show my appreciation this way.

This just pisses me off. Not the bill, which I naturally support. The nitwits quoted.

The rest of the Republicans argued that it promoted immoral behavior, undermined religious freedom and could be seen as Legislative endorsement of gay marriage.

I really hate stupid, illogical arguments and this bit of idiocy about "undermining religious freedom" is one of the ones that, in the gay rights fight, irritates me the most. Claiming that a failure to codify your bigoted religious beliefs as law "undermines" your ability to believe what you want? How feeble are you, anyhow?

But what really frustrates me is that so many people accept it at face value.

It's not illegal to pay your CEO 475 times as much as the average wage paid to your worker, but you don't hear me bitching that our failure to pass a law against it undermines my moral belief that it's wrong, do you? (Via Pam.)

Congratulations to Professor Kim! (But please get rid of whatever program it is your site generates that's trying to "scan" my computer when I visit you. It's been driving me nuts for months.)

And something that deserves to be repeated again and again and again until the MSM stops telling lies and half-truths about it. Abramoff was not an equal-opportunity crook. His money went to Republicans.

Criminy. I assume "8:30 a.m." means Eastern Time. Which means I'll have to be out of bed and reasonably alert by 6:30. Also, I gotta figure out if and where CSPAN-3 shows up on my digital system if I want to see the Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy 2006 Conference live.

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