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January 29, 2006

You remember how Kerry's announcement that he'd support a filibuster on Alito was issued from Davos?

What's that all about? Read this.*

I posted in Avedon Carol's Sideshow yesterday that Kerry's failure to step up to the plate the way people kept hoping he would, struck me as the result of one of two reasons:

1) He lacks the courage

2) He's just not really that passionate about liberal causes

I think we're seeing #2 edging ahead here. The bottom-line truth of the matter is that upper-class in this country have a solidarity of goals and needs that is much stronger than any political party ties.

The problem is, if we stop electing the upper-class, will the "regular joe" who gets the job be able to get it done if he's not cousin to the oil industry and brother-in-law to the international banking community?


*And this is the group behind it.

Their aims look very noble and I'm sure many of them mean well, but some of the stuff I read gave me nightmares.

Finding balance in the global economy— While the global economy is growing very strongly, it could be described as "astonishingly unbalanced", said Martin Wolf, Associate Editor, Financial Times. He cited low savings and high consumption in the US, its large current account, and budget deficits as indications of the imbalances.

"Sometime in the next couple of years, an adjustment will come," said Lawrence Summers, President, Harvard University, and Annual Meeting Co-Chair. "It will require rather more policy coordination than we have seen," he commented.

"Global imbalances are deepening and that has serious consequences for developing countries like India," Palaniappan Chidambaram, India’s Minister of Finance, told participants. "The first [potential trigger] is a southward movement of the dollar; the second is an unexpected increase in US interest rates; [and the third] is spiralling energy prices [which] will lead to inflationary expectations," he explained.

Sounds to me like due to irresponsible fiscal policies here in the USofA, it's been decided that we need to take one for the team.

There's a lot of stuff there.

Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike groups like this because they're full of rich people. I dislike them because they have so much power and they aren't accountable to anyone for how they use it.

Like their assumption that market forces are the primary consideration. See the Alternet article for just one example of how "market forces" moved labor (that's "people") to the sidelines.

Or that "open markets" are the most desirable outcome internationally. Consumerism does not lead to happiness and it's not necessary to be able to choose between fifteen brands of toilet paper in nine stores to have a good life.

World Economic Forum summits bring decision-makers together to address the world's most crucial issues. These events enable members and constituents to discuss global and regional issues by sharing first-hand information and insights.


Any of you vote for any of these people? I know I didn't, but I also know that the decisions they make are going to have as much impact on the future of this country as anything that comes out of the White House or Congress.

I am not a fan of unfettered "globalization" and I think the only safe way to allow the existence of megalithic "multinational" corporations meddling in economic policy in countries around the world is if they're balanced by strong labor movements in all of those places.

Besides. Commerce is not the be-all and end-all of human existence and I'm annoyed by people who view it as such.

Now I'm thoroughly grouchy, so I'm going to go get ready for lunch with some friends. Hmph.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:40 AM