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January 29, 2006
Getting Cranky

Big deal. They couldn't do that a year ago, when thousands of us were screaming it was all a big boondoggle that was going to create more problems than it solved?

2005's "top ten censored news stories" list is out. I'd call some of these less "censored" than "ignored by the MSM" but whatever. These are stories we need to be pushing.

Like this (which didn't make the cut as it's from 2006), these are things more people need to be thinking about. Don't let anyone fool you that we don't deliberately make war on civilians.

We'll be prepared in case of an "emergency" (like the country rising up against the neocons, one presumes), because the KBR contract to build detention centers has already been awarded. Ignore the snarky intro. These won't be nothing like prisons. Honest. (Don't you trust the Bush Administration?)

Bush's Midterm Challenge

Tuesday's State of the Union speech is an opportunity for Bush to seize the initiative from the Democrats and frame the election season.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. At this point, any "initiative" the Democrats have could be seized with a kleenex.

Apparently there's so little happening in the world that the NYTimes decided to fill some space talking about...how they fill their space.

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