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February 03, 2006
I Get It

This pretty much sums up what I find about the level of interest in Federal politics in most of this country. The farther you get from the Beltway, the less people care. I spent a lot of years being one of those uninterested people. It was only the advent of the Internet that allowed me access to enough news sources to understand even a fraction of the deal-making and squabbling that constitutes our Federal government.

But there's also something else in the entry that the Left needs to consider. People care about what D.C. does when it interferes in their state or community. And mostly D.C. gets press when they say, "you can't do that."

That might explain a lot about why uninformed people consider themselves "small government" types. They naively assume that life will go on much as it always has even if there's only a skeleton government at work in D.C. but that they'll be free of "interference" in state matters.

This was of interest to me since I've been trying to figure out why and how people could believe something so stupid...that in this day and age, a very limited national government would or could function successfully to keep this country strong.

(It's also a mystery to me how Republicans can simultaneously posture as the party of "strong defense" while posturing as the party of "small government" but that's a different issue.)

(As is the public's indifference to this Administration's SoTU addresses. They've certainly elevated the annual, "what's happening" moment to a new pinnacle of irrelevance.)

Posted by AnneZook at 12:20 PM