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February 03, 2006
3 - Operation Clean-Sweep

I'm not sure if this actually brings me to the point I thought I was going to make when I started this this morning, but for the two people still reading by this point, everyone's naming things these days, so that's mine. Assuming we don't all decide to just vote Republican and go to hell in the express lane; we gotta do something to fix this mess.

Forget Party affiliations. Print out a list of Congressional representatives and post them up, together with a list of the issues you care about and how they voted on them. Don't label them with Party affiliations. Then, put a checkmark beside the names of people who have voted contrary to your interests and needs.

And then, with apologies to the sane Republicans, who do exist, admit that the Republican Party is a corporate entity with a vested interest in smoothing over recent revelations of fraud, corruption, and outright lying to the public in order to provide for the future of their corporation.

They have to lose their majority and full investigations of what's been happening have to take place. Not to punish the Right, but to serve as warning to both the Right and the Left that a lot of us are watching and that we will not accept that kind of government any more.

We need a clean sweep this fall. We keep saying it...no more "business as usual" but most of us pay attention briefly during an election year and not otherwise. There's a tiny bit of momentum around the idea of new ethics standards and more open government, but the Right is never going to follow through honestly. They can't. Whether they like the Bush Administration's behavior or they don't, they just can't stand up consistently against them. Their careers would be over.

For that matter, there are a lot of elected "Democrats" in Washington these days who need to just re-register as Republicans and be done with it.

I say, we toss out everyone who has consistently voted with the Bush Administration or who has shown a visible lack of backbone, regardless of Party affiliation, and replace them. I'm not certain yet with whom they should be replaced, but I do know that trained monkeys couldn't make a bigger mockery of the process than most of our Congressional population these days.

It's just not enough any more not to be the worst of the worst. It's not enough to have been keeping a low profile and not attracting attention. Anyone who hasn't been shouting about torture, pressing the Bush Administration on torturing people, demanding answers about illegal spying on USofA citizens, protesting over turning the Supreme Court majority toward rightwing extremism, and speaking out on behalf of abortion rights, peace demonstrators, honest voting systems, cleaning up corporate fraud, or whatever issue(s) you care most about will have to go.

We hire representatives to go to Washington and work on our behalf every day so that we have the time and leisure to take care of our personal lives.

We're angry. If they're not angry, they're not representing us.

They're representatives. If they're not representing us, they have to go.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:53 PM


Pretty cool idea. Basic, easy to do, easy to follow. Think you've got more than you know there. Or maybe you're just being modest.

Posted by: Eddie at February 7, 2006 05:03 PM