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February 04, 2006

An oil and gas tanker is stranded off the Alaska coast. Another environmental disaster in the making?

The bottom line? Haters are haters. They hate. If it wasn't for the religious extremists in this country, aided by the Bush Administration, whipping them up in a frenzy againsts homosexuals, they'd be out hating and killing someone else.

NPR just rocks. Not only the lead article, but the Q&A on other topics that follows.

The Manchester Guardian has it partly right. We should be working for love, not money.

Oh, the money is good. We all want roofs over our heads, food on our tables, heat from our vents, and all of those other things, but many of us make much more than those basic needs require. Once you've got the basics covered, you have the leisure to consider how you're wasting the days of your life. And, if you're not doing a job you love, or at least find interesting and challenging, you really are wasting your life.

Take me, for instance (always my favorite topic of conversation). I probably could have been employed before now if I didn't have a lot of rules around the kinds of companies I'd even apply to, much less work for. I held out for a job that wasn't evil.

Yeah, I'm taking a temporary pay hit but that will equalize eventually and in the meantime, I can feel good about what I'm doing with my life. (I won't be retiring in grand splendor, short of winning the lottery, but at least I won't be being paid for making anyone's life worse in any way, and I'm okay with that.)

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