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February 04, 2006
What's A Civil Right?

Another late-night vote, another so-called "Patriot Act" extension.

The cops think it's okay to herd protesters into pens and make notes and take video on their activities...unless the cops are the protesters.

I don't know why people are always moaning and complaining about the DoD's database of info on kids, even if they are going to pass the information around to everyone under the sun. Heck, it's not like government-compiled databases are dangerously inaccurate or deliberately fraudulent or anything.

Besides, a lot of these people couldn't have cared less when it was just folks with funny foreign names being targeted. If you're a Muhammad or a Jibril, no one cares that the government is building a data file of everything they can find out about you. If you're Jimmy Smith from Portland, Oregon, it's a gross invasion of privacy and civil rights.

But don't let it worry you. So what if it leads to expanded "domestic spying"? That's not dangerous either.

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Posted by AnneZook at 12:44 PM