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February 05, 2006
Bloggers R Us

(Linky, then ranty, sorry.)

Every now and then (well, frequently), I run across a post that says what I would have said if I could have found the words, and invariably it says it better and smarter than I could have.

This is one of those posts

The last loss of legitimacy in American political life climaxed in Richard Nixon's resignation. It was an orderly process, enabled by the ingenious framework of the US Constitution, but the institution of the presidency suffered, too -- and that is one of the reasons why Baby Boomers who lived through it are among the greatest hand-wringers over Bush. To many of us over fifty, all presidents after JFK are to some degree assholes.

I don't even have to be over 50 to believe that.

The post is about loss of legitimacy in government. Legitimacy is conferred by the trust and belief of the citizens. When that goes, legitimacy goes with it. A must-read.

Not, strictly speaking, a blog, but a moving defense of actually reporting the news.

The Downing Street Memos. Back on the radar again.

Pam's got a great news round-up posted (and a nice, new design, although I was really fond of the old one).

Someday farmers will be able to mow the back 40 and sell the cuttings to ExxonMobile?

Me, I care about both. The spying and those who need social services and it's not outside the ability of any blogger I read to devote a little time to both issues.

This is tee-hee funny but this is ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) funny. But not PC.

Avedon Carol has a good tribute to Betty Friedan (RIP).

It's a little older, but I'm assuming you read her mid-January entry on reporting the MSM should have done around that Florida vote (non-)count? (I haven't made up my mind about that site yet. The design is appalling but that doesn't necessarily mean the content is unreliable. Anyhow, so far, I'm taking Avedon's word for it.)

(There was other stuff I might have linked to but Blogger was having Big Issues, so this is all you get. Nothing from Blogspot bloggers, sorry.)

I read this and I think, "No, no, no, no, no." Blogs did not fail to block the Alito nomination. The Democratic Party failed.

We're bloggers. Most of us are amateurs (i.e., we make no money, not even for "expenses") doing this in our spare time. That means we are ordinary citizens (albeit a bit mouthier than the average).

We did precisly what our social contract requires us to do. We paid attention to the issue, we attempted to inform others about it, and we made our desires known to our elected representatives.

We are not the entire population of this country and Congress should not move at our demand. (Dammit, the Lefthand world o'blog is not going to become some rightwingnut wannabes, demanding that government mold itself into our image regardless of what everyone else wants, not if I have anything to say about it.)

Apparently not enough of the public was convinced of Alito's unsuitability for the Court to be inspired to make their opposition to the nomination or support of a filibuster known to their Congressional representatives.

Maybe because the arguments, in the media that most people saw, didn't include simple examples of Alito's past decisions like this one. I don't know. The bottom line is that the Democrats in Congress didn't all feel an outpouring of popular support either for voting against the nomination or for filibustering it.

And the proposed filibuster? Maybe it also failed to make the cut because the Democratic Party has handed out campaign funds to too many people who aren't really Democrats. They should be considering that. We should be thinking about that.

This is what you get when you decide to become a "centrist" party so, you know, speaking of people reaping what they've sown, welcome to the Republican New World where we're going to be a permanent minority.

Howard Dean is right, you know. The Democratic Party has to be rebuilt from the ground, up. We'll get better candidates, and represeentatives, when we grow us some real liberals from seed. Those hybrid things we've been using just aren't getting the job done.

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